Muccino's debut full-length record was released on May 17th, 2019 and can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, YouTube, Amazon, Tidal, Pandora, Deezer, Napster, and anywhere else you might happen to find music online.

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John Michael Muccino is a composer, arranger, and singer-songwriter. 


He currently runs and operates Muccino Works, a music production company providing unique scores and recordings for various visual media. His clients range from both individual filmmakers and production companies to visual artists and commercial businesses. He also creates custom orchestral and chamber arrangements for bands and recording artists and is sought after as a musical consultant, valued for the speed and quality of his session work as a keyboardist. On May 17th, 2019 he self-released his debut full-length record Libelli, Etc.

He first entered the music industry in 2012 as the lead guitarist of New Jersey-based band River City Extension. The group toured heavily for years, building up a fervent national following and playing major music festivals such as Newport Folk Festival, Bonnaroo, Austin City Limits, SXSW, and Harvest (AU). Their music garnered critical acclaim from NPR, Paste, Rolling Stone, and Spin, among others. During John's tenure with RCE he also contributed string arrangements, lead guitar work, and songwriting for what would end up being the band's final full length album, Deliverance (2015). Since River City Extension's dissolving in 2015 John has shifted his focus from performing to composing and arranging, offering several unique musical services that you will find listed below in addition to his work as a songwriter.

John lives in Stamford, NY. He likes chess, cigars, and Seinfeld.

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Services Offered
  • Scoring for Visual Media (Feature/Short Film, Television, Commercial)​

    • By-the-music-minute pricing​

  • Custom Arrangements (Orchestral, Chamber, Jazz, et al.)

    • Virtual

      • Cost-effective, quick turnaround​​

    • Live

      • Gathers + hires players and schedules recording time

      • Leads sessions to ensure best possible final results

  • "Quick" Sessions​​

    • Need keys on a song? Just send the file, get it back with the part intact. Offered at a flat rate.*

    • In-person sessions also available

  • Individual Commissions​​​​

Email me at for a more comprehensive description of these services, including rates, turnaround, and different tiered options based on what you're looking for. All questions and random correspondence are welcome! 

Selected Credits

I strive hard to make sure that I give each client a uniquely nuanced approach in order to properly enhance the great works of art/music/film they have already created. Client satisfaction is paramount; client surprise a close second.



Better Films and Gardens Presents

Music by Muccino

Hannah Darrah Productions Presents

Music by Muccino


And old song by an old friend that finally ended up on one of his records. I was honored to be asked to contribute to this beautiful work.


Local-national-global NJ legends Brick + Mortar were looking for a little something extra on their new single. "Great Escape" is about to be the jam of the summer.



The Great Train Robbery (1903-2014) was my first attempt at scoring for any kind of visual media. It falls somewhere between a film score and a concert piece for solo piano.


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