I had heard John's work for years through many different projects. I'd always wanted to collaborate, as his arrangements seemed to come from a different vantage point. I found this to be true, and I also found John to be pragmatic and synergetic. I was in need of a lead electric piano on an individual song. John found the tone and effects, and he performed the part that I was looking for with grace and professionalism. Simply put - I could not be happier with John's contribution. He complemented the recording with a beauty that I found difficult to achieve on my own. He took the song in a direction that I hadn't entirely envisioned, and the song is better because of it. John Muccino has a unique and inviting personality which is the embodiment of his music. His intelligence and the fervor in which he approaches this music will continue to bring him to heights that no one is prepared yet to measure.

Bootsy Spankins, P.I. // SONGWRITER, ACTOR

"The man exudes musical prowess through his arrangements, and is a pleasure to work with. What John added to our song helped us achieve the missing element that the song ultimately needed."

John Tacon // BRICK + MORTAR

"What Muccino's score did for our video was elevate it onto another level that none of us expected it to go. He captured every nuance of our movements and even our mistakes...everything on screen looked incredibly more deliberate than we could even have faked. The places that his creative brain goes is only exceeded by his extremely positive attitude. His willingness to immerse himself into his art is a true inspiration."

Biff Swenson // DELIVER US // YAWN MOWER

"Muccino has a vast knowledge into many traditional styles of playing but also has enough pop sensibility to make any style work in a more contemporary song...When people talk about leaving something in "good hands" they mean someone who will take the time to care and nurture whatever you leave with them. Let John Muccino be those hands for you."

Brandon Asraf // BRICK + MORTAR

"John is reliable, professional, sets a deadline and meets the deadline. He is a super talented musical phenom that can achieve anything he puts his mind to, and the most important of all..... he is a super nice guy! John's efforts over the past few years have helped me achieve many of my musical goals and aspirations. I will always be thankful for that! He made my dream come to life!"

Joseph A. Peragine // ARTIST + AUTHOR

"Muccino's score really set the tone for our film and added a whole other element that we couldn't convey through our film-making alone. The unique score was exactly what we were looking for and really brought the film to the next level."

Drew Chiminec // DELIVER US // Director

"John is well connected to other talented musicians so I knew that I didn't have to worry about him finding the musicians he needed to record the score...He was very supportive, trustworthy, and inspiring throughout the whole process...a true genius...You'd be a FOOL to work with anyone other than Muccino Works!"

Hannah Darrah // TRIP THE LIGHT FANTASTIC // Writer, Director, Animator